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Diary of major Linux, Open Source and Free Software Events

29th-31st March 2001 Association of C & C++ Users Spring Conference 2001 Oxford, UK
30th-31st March 2001 Linux 2.5 Kernel Developers' Summit San Jose, California
4th-5th April 2001 Linux Expo Madrid Madrid, Spain
4th-6th April 2001 ApacheCon Santa Clara, California
6th-8th April 2001 GUADEC Copenhagen, Denmark
23rd-24th April 2001 Java (TM) Virtual Machine Research and Technology Symposium Monterey, California
12th June 2001 Linux@Work (CANCELLED) London
13th-15th June 2001 YAPC::NA Montreal, Canada
25th-30th June 2001 USENIX Annual Technical Conference Boston, Massachusetts
29th June-1st July 2001 UKUUG Linux Developers' Conference Manchester, UK
3rd-5th July 2001 Enterprise Linux Institute Conference (CANCELLED) Olympia, London, UK
4th-5th July 2001 Linux Expo 2001 London, UK
4th-8th July 2001 Libre Software Meeting Bordeaux, France
5th-8th July 2001 LinuxTag Stuttgart, Germany
23rd-27th July 2001 Open Source Convention San Diego, California
25th-28th July 2001 Ottawa Linux Symposium Ottawa, Canada
2nd-4th August 2001 YAPC::Europe Amsterdam, The Netherlands
10th-12th August 2001 Hackers At Large Enschede, The Netherlands
18th August 2001 DNSCON Blackpool, UK
25th August - 1st September 2001 Linux Bier Wanderung (Hike) Bouillon, Belgium
12th-13th September 2001 Linux Expo Birmingham (POSTPONED) Birmingham, UK
17th-18th September 2001 RedHat TechWorld (CANCELLED) Brussels, Belgium
17th-18th October 2001 Storage Expo Birmingham, UK
30th October-1st November 2001 Linux Expo Canada Toronto, Canada
6th-10th November 2001 Annual Linux Showcase Oakland, California
8th-9th November 2001 XFree86 Technical Conference Oakland, California
9th-11th November 2001 BSDCon Europe 2001 Brighton, UK
23rd-24th November 2001 Linuxworld Ireland (POSTPONED) Dublin, Ireland
28th-30th November 2001 Linux Kongress Enschede, The Netherlands
2nd-7th December 2001 LISA 2001: 15th Systems Administration Conference California
28th-29th January 2002 File Storage and Technologies Conference Monterey, California
30th January-1st February 2002 Linux Expo Paris Paris, France
11th-14th February 2002 BSDCON 2002 San Francisco, California
16th-17th February 2002 Open Source and Free Software Developers' European Meeting Brussels, Belgium
18th-22nd February 2002 NordU 2002 Helsinki, Finland
19th-20th February 2002 Linux Expo Amsterdam Amsterdam, The Netherlands
13th-15th February 2002 4th German Perl Workshop Germany
9th-11th April 2002 Linuxworld Ireland Dublin, Ireland
27th-31st May 2002 3rd International Systems Administration and Networking Conference Maastricht, The Netherlands
29th-30th May 2002 Linux Expo Birmingham Birmingham, UK
6th-9th June 2002 LinuxTag Karlsruhe, Germany
9th-14th June 2002 USENIX Annual Technical Conference Monterey, California
26th-29th June 2002 Ottawa Linux Symposium Ottawa, Canada
5th-7th July 2002 Linux 2002 Bristol, UK
9th-13th July 2002 Libre Software Meeting Bordeaux, France
5th-9th August 2002 11th USENIX Security Symposium San Francisco, California
9th-10th October 2002 Linux Expo 2002 London, UK
9th-11th December 2002 5th Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation Boston, Massachusetts

Dates, venues and events can change: always check with the organisers.

Please tell Alasdair Kergon about any inaccuracies or additional events.