Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! In fact we're very keen to introduce people to linux, so if you want to find out more, then please come along.
We aim to please. That doesn't mean we can solve every problem, but there's a lot of expertise spread through the members of OxLUG who might be willing to help if you ask nicely. Turn up and ask, or send an email to the list. Note that followup discussion should be by private email to avoid clogging the list with non-oxlug related material.
That depends on the level of support you're after. If you've got a problem or you'd like to learn more about what linux can do, then by all means ask away as in the previous question. If you need more support (ie, more than 'you could try this, but its at your own risk') then we suggest you employ someone on a more formal basis. Some people in OxLUG may be prepared to provide support, as will a number of Linux support companies in the UK. As a voluntary organisation, you should be aware that OxLUG does not accept any liability for advice offered by any of its members.
Not officially no. We don't feel that it's appropriate for OxLUG to involve itself in overtly commercial activity at the moment. However, the Linux Emporium was founded by John Winters who used to regularly attend OxLUG meetings, and sells a range of Linux related products, including that all important Tux logo for your computer!
Go to There, at the bottom of the page, is a text box for you to put in your e-mail address (the one subscribed to oxlug). Then click the "Edit Options" button. Enter your list password in the box in the section "unsubscribing from OxLUG". If you don't know what your password is, choose the "Email my password to me" box. If this web page claims not to know about your e-mail address, you have subscribed with a different one.